Wholesale pricing (39$) is for orders of 20 shoes or more. From the company that brought you the original Butora Habara Markless, comes the Butora Senegi Markless. It has all the features of other markless shoes with additional features that other companies simply cannot offer, at a similar price point. Senegi Markless Features:Maintain the aesthetic appearance of the walls and the floors of your facility.Easy sizing on the heel of the shoe.Synthetic upper. Senegi Markless Additional Features:A full length ABS mid-sole for performance and structural integrity.Anti-bacterial treated lining.Reinforced Rand for longer lasting durability.Neo Gray Proprietary performance rubber.Easy to use, retro-style, strap Colors will Vary. Our rentals are made using the same shape and fit as our “Endeavor” retail model. So, your staff, in a matter of moments, can easily size and fit your newest members into their first retail climbing shoe purchase, using the familiar fit and size of the Senegi Markless. We believe that new climbers deserve the same performance and comfort in a rental shoe that we offer in our retail performance shoe. If retention of new customers is important to you, why not give your new members the comfort and performance of Butora.