Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Butora USA?

For all customer service questions please email: [email protected]. To talk to someone in our customer service department please call 307-332-1320. M-F 10am-5pm MST

What size should I get?

There isn't a harder question to answer when it comes to climbing gear. It's 100% based on your personal preference and comfort level. Our shoes are meant to be comfortable and high performing. One friend will tell you, leave room for socks, and someone else will tell you, if they don't hurt, they're not tight enough. Please check each product's description on our website for sizing recommendations. You should be able to stand and walk around at home in them for a few minutes and keep them on without your feet getting numb or having sharp pain anywhere(unless that's your preference). Keep in mind our shoes won't stretch very much.

Wide or Narrow?

Most of our shoes come in a wide and narrow version, so you'll also have to consider your overall foot volume. Do you have a high-volume or low-volume foot? Generally, folks with higher arches find a better fit with the narrow, and low arches in the wide model. The difference in width and volume between our wide and narrow versions ranges from 7 to 13% depending on the model. The differences in width and volume are of the whole shoe, every dimension but length is different in a wide version, over it's narrow counterpart. If the heel is too baggy in the wide model, most likely the narrow model will feel much better.

A few sizing pro tips:

  • Sizing depends on the last of the shoe. Pick the right shoes based on what feels right for you. All of our shoes will soften, and stretch about a quarter size or less depending on the model/last. See model for details.
  • You can order 2 pairs so you have a point of reference, then, try them on at home, and ship the unwanted pair back for a 100% refund. You will receive a refund as long as they are in 100% factory, unused condition. We do not accept used product, and return shipping costs are paid by the customer.
  • If possible try shoes on and purchase at a retailer near you:
  • If you climb in your shoes and then decide they don't fit, sell them to a friend, used gear shop, or an online gear swap.

How do I find a retailer near me?

Please visit our retailer map

How much will my shoes stretch?

Our shoes don't stretch very much. The hemp lining in most of our models, including our full leather upper models, limit stretch. The shoes will however, soften up and become more adjusted to the individual shape of your feet. However, please do not purchase our shoes uncomfortably or painfully small, expecting them to stretch out like some other brands.

Do you offer Split Sizing?

Yes, we offer split sizing on shoes for an additional $25.00. Split sizing is only offered on orders placed directly on our website. New model launches will not include split sizing options.

How do I extend the life of my shoes?

  • Do not leave your shoes in your vehicle during summer; this can cause delamination.
  • It's not a good idea to walk around in your shoes, this causes early wear of the rubber. Aggressive shoes are meant for climbing, not walking. A trad, or all-day flat shoe is usually fine, but any unnecessary walking will decrease the life of your shoe..
  • Clean your shoes with warm water and a mild soap, we do not recommend using a washing machine. If you must wash your shoes, only air dry out of indirect sunlight.
  • Resole your shoes before they wear through to leather or synthetic upper material. If you can see the color of the upper material through the rubber, it will be more expensive and more difficult to resole.